Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Introductuion to Linux Operating system

Linux is Unix like operating system. The name Linux was used because of it is the combination of Linus Torvalds (Creator of Linux kernel). 

            Linu + X
Linu from Linus Torvalds
X is from Unix
Basically Linux is not another OS. It is a network. Most of the people didn’t like to use Linux as Desktop OS. Because of its complexity. But truly it is not a complex operating system. Reason for the complex thing is, basically Linux was only used by scientists and programmers at the year of 1994. Microsoft is made both GUI and CLI based OS. But in Linux, it’s only CLI way to communicate PC (At the year of 90’s). So the people moves to MS. Nowadays Linux is offers both GUI and CLI. One more delicious thing is, it is very user friendly than MS. Yes!! It is true. After coming up Ubuntu, the ‘user friendly’ thing is acceptable for Linux. We will discuss in feature, why Linux is more user friendly operating system than Windows operating system.
Where Linux used?
You may think, “I didn’t use Linux anymore”. If you thing this, then this is a funny. Because still you are using Linux. You may ask “How???”
Yes!! Each and every time we are surfing internet with the help of Linux. Most of the websites hosting are Linux. Even Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc.. Servers are Linux servers. Not Windows server. Even Android is also uses Linux kernel.
Linux is used in,
  • As a desktop OS
  • As a server OS
  • As a web server
  • As a file server & etc
    This blog is absolutely for beginners who want to learn Linux & be a expert in Linux operating system!
    Stay with us! we will post how to do guides about Linux operating system 

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