Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Difference between Linux and Windows

Linux is not same as Windows. Linux is may be some what difficult when you are coming from Windows. To know the difference between the Linux and Windows makes easy to handle Linux operating system.

Linux uses monolithic kernel
Windows uses micro kernel
Linux is UNIX based operating system
Windows is DOS based operating system
It is open source. So we can modify the Linux operating system as our taste.
It is not an open source. It’s some of 3rd parties software’s are open source.
Linux is entirely free operating system
It is not free operating system. We need to buy the operating system
Virus infections are very rare. So no need anti-virus software and its updations
Windows easily affects virus. So it is mandatory to installing anti-virus software
Very secure operating system
Secure when we have anti-virus with up to date software. Other else it is insecure
It is CLI tool is called BASH
It is CLI tool is called COMMAND.COM
512 MB RAM is enough for installing Linux
Needs at least 712 MB of RAM in order to install Windows
Installing software is very easy.
Just typing sudo apt-get install pkgname
Or using GUI based software centre we can search and install easily
Installing software is easy, when we have the package other else we need to surf internet and get it.
There are no spyware available in Linux
There are lot of spywares available in Windows operating system
There are lot of distributions are available in Linux. Such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint and etc
Distributions are not available because it is not a opensource operating system
Each and every 6 months new version of Linux in released
Each and every 3 years new version of Windows is released
Speed of response are high because of good memory management
Speed of response is low than Linux. Because it’s poor memory management
More popular in Servers world and less popular in Desktop world
More popular in Desktop world and less popular in Servers world

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