Thursday, 13 October 2016

HOW TO FIX: SSH password dialog could not grab the keyboard input while accessing the remote server VM

My Setup

Remote server :   (Fedora 24)
Client               :      (Fedora 24)     


I have hosted few VMs in my remote server. If you try to access the remote server VMs from your client virt-manager, you will end up with the following error.

It is a bug and still the bug is not resolved by developers. In order to troubleshoot the issue, We are going to use an alternative method.


Client side:

1. Generate ssh key
press enter for 4 times. It will generate the SSH key.

2. Copy SSH key to remote server
Here is my remote server IP. 
It will ask remote server password. provide the remote server password.

3.  Now try to access the remote server VM using client virt-manager. It should now resolve the issue.