Sunday, 2 October 2016

Enhannce your typing speed by enableling iBus typing booster in Fedora - English & Tamil

Here I'm going to show you how to enable the ibus typing booster in Fedora 24. The best thing is it supports multiple languages. According to the ibus typing booster documentation, It supports around 41 languages. You may check in this link

Install the required packages by using the following command
#dnf install -y ibus-typing-booster hunspell-en

Enable the iBus typing booster:

1. Go to settings ->  Region & Language

2. Click "+" symbol to add language and then search English (hunspell) and then click "Add"

3. You may notice this in your top of the notification bar if you click the language option.

4. Now open any text file and press Super key + Spacebar. This key combination is used to switch between one language into another language. While you are typing it will give word suggestions.

That's it :).

Example procedure for the Tamil language:

Here I am going to show you how to type faster in the Tamil language in Fedora 24.

1. Install hunspell-ta package by using following command
#dnf install -y hunspell-ta

2. Go to settings  -> Region & Language option -> Input source -> press "+"

3. Search for the Tamil language-hunspell and add.

4. Now you can able to see 3 languages in the language bar.

5. If you are following Phonetic based Tamil typing method, you need to setup the configuration for that. To do, select "Tamil" language as input source by pressing super key + spacebar or directly select Tamil in the language bar.

6. Open  setup option -> select "phonetic method" from the "Input method" dropdown menu.

Configuration part is done now :). Now open text editor and start typing in Tamil.

That's it!

If you want to use any other language, while installing the hunspell package -> Just replace the last two character with your language.

For example,
For Hindi language   => hunspell-hi
For Arabic language => hunspell-ar
For French language => hunspell-fr

To find more available languages for hunspell, type following command and it will list all the language hunspell packages.

#dnf search hunspell-*

Thanks for reading.

P.S: Thanks to fedora translation team for the help :).



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