Monday, 1 June 2015

How to install Deepin OS

Deepin is the one of best user friendly distribution in Linux. It is look like Apple’s Mac OS environment. Anyway, Deepin is absolute beginners Linux distribution. Basically, Deepin is based on Ubuntu distribution. 

The Deepin OS consist of all necessary softwares included like, Deepin Music, Deepin Movie etc. So we don’t need to install third parties codecs. It’s a Chinese make operating system
Pre requirements:
  • Deepin ISO
       To get deepin iso, /deepin_2014.3_i386.iso
  • Minimum 4 GB Pen drive
  • Minimum 8 GB hard disk space:
       To make partition on your hard drive. Read my previous article . 8 GB is      minimum. But anyway 15 GB is recommended.
  • Unetboot software
You can get this software on the following link,
make sure you are installed the software.

Making Pen drive bootable:
Open Unetboot software, then select disk image
And browse & select the iso. start the process.
Installation Procedure:
After completing the process restart the machine and press F12. (It may varies on computer manufacture, F12 is common for Acer. F9 for HP machine)

Select language

  Then click to install button
in this, type username (username might be lowercase)
After completing all, then select next button

Select partition and click install
That’s all.
If you find any problem when installing the OS, share your thoughts in comment section.

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